Reasons to Have a Privacy Fence

Reasons to Have a Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is ideal for properties in several different circumstances.

Among the many styles of fences out there for Maryland homes, the privacy fence is one of the most popular. When considering a fence for your own property, you may wonder if this might be a good option for you. What difference would it make compared to a split-rail or a picket fence? A privacy fence may be the best option for enclosing your backyard for several main reasons.

If You Have Close Neighbors

The obvious reason to have a privacy fence is to have privacy, but what exactly does this look like? One example is if you have neighbors very close by who can see into your backyard. It may not be a bother if your neighbors don’t use their backyard much, but if you all want to be outdoors and maintain some privacy, a fence may be the best way to achieve that. After all, some prefer to make their backyard into a sanctuary, like another room in the house.

If You Live By a Busy Road

You may also benefit from this style if you live on a busy road. High traffic means more eyes who could pass by your property. If you wish to keep private and safe from view, a vertical board or board-on-board fence may be right for you.

To Block Out Sound

Few people know that privacy fences block out more than just sight. They also act as a sound barrier, muffling noise from outside and containing sounds inside. If you live near a road, you can reduce traffic sounds rushing past. If you throw a backyard party, you can worry a little less about disturbing the neighbors with you and your guests’ outdoor voices.

Reduce Wind

A privacy fence also reduces wind flow. While a cool breeze is refreshing, wind can be a menace when you’re trying to enjoy a relaxing time in the sun. 


Meanwhile, it also delivers better security than a picket, split-rail, or paddock fence. With no ability to see into your yard, intruders may be less likely to enter. You also eliminate the opportunity for animals like raccoons, opossums, deer, and rabbits from entering your yard and interfering with your vegetable garden or your pets. If you have a swimming pool, a privacy fence is a great way to keep people and animals from falling into it. 

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