Repairing a Leaning Wood Fence

Repairing a Leaning Wood Fence

Is your wood fence leaning? United Fence & Deck is here to help!

Wood fences are the most popular type of fence in the United States, and certainly so in Maryland. They are economical, long-lasting, and beautiful. They also come in plenty of styles. Wood fences need proper maintenance to keep them in their best condition for longer, and over time, one might start to see more problems. One of these common problems is that it is leaning. Below is a quick guide for how to repair a leaning wood fence.

Assess the Fence Post

The first step is to assess the fence post in the affected area. Perhaps the fence post itself is leaning, or the fence panels alone are warped. You’ll want to test the post and see how sturdy it is. Posts are the foundation on which the rest of the fence attaches, so checking these components is paramount. If the fence post is shaky, you’ll want to investigate and dig down to the base. You may find that the wooden base has rotted, is wobbling within its concrete footing, or is simply leaning.

Securing the Fence Post

Moist conditions can rot the fence post through where the soil surrounds the wood. If the post is rotten, you can either replace the post entirely or install a new one next to it. United Fence & Deck offers wood fence repair services on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and is happy to work with you to accomplish the best result.

If you decide to do it yourself, you’ll need to put in a structural guard first. Before detaching the fence post from the rest of the structure, place planks or another item that will hold up the fence panels. Plant the braces firmly against the ground so they won’t slip and let the panels fall.

If your fence post is merely leaning and is not damaged, removing enough dirt from the base will allow you to push it back up to a vertical position. You can attach a steel wedge to the post through the concrete base if it is wobbling around in it.

Finishing the Job

After you have secured the post, it’s time to fill the hole back up with dirt and reattach the panels. Replace any rotten or warped pickets if necessary. As a result, you’ll have a secure, stable, and vertical fence once again. A fine day’s work!

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