Ridding Ice and Snow Off a Wood Deck

Ridding Ice and Snow Off a Wood Deck

Take care of your wood deck when it snows with these tips!

It’s that time of year; Maryland has had its first snow of the season. Even though deep snow may be rare in Maryland, you never know if it might happen. Even a little snow and some ice can be problematic, though. Take a look at the following tips for clearing ice and snow off your wood deck.

Dealing with Snow on Your Deck

A light covering of snow on a wood deck is nothing to worry about. Even a few inches is generally non-problematic. Believe it or not, three feet is not even worth fretting over. Why? Wood decks today are built to withstand great weights. If the snow level is below the railing height, you won’t have to worry. It is when it gets to be above three and a half feet that you should grab the shovel and relieve the deck of the load. You also do not need to be concerned about snow’s effect on wood. Water may cause wood to expand, but that expansion will be minimal and not likely to cause damage. 

The only times you need to clear the snow off is if, as mentioned above, it reaches the deck railing, you need a second exit point from the house, and if you want to reach your grill, hot tub, bird feeder, or other winter amenities. 

When shoveling, use a plastic or rubber shovel if the snow is above four inches. Be especially gentle with cedar and redwood decks, since they are soft and can be dented easily. If the snow is minimal, a broom will be good enough to clear it away. Protip: Make sure no nails or screws are sticking out from the deck’s surface, as these can catch your boot or shovel unexpectedly.

Dealing with Ice on Your Deck

Ice on a wood deck is a different story. It’s best to lay down your deicer early or as soon as you see ice appearing. There are so many deicing products available, it is best to research what the best option might be for you. Some are more pet and environmentally-friendly, and some are designed for wood decks. Depending on your region, you may need a deicer that can melt ice even at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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