Signs You Need a Deck Replacement

Signs You Need a Deck Replacement

Don’t wait; these signs could indicate you need a new deck right away.

Decks improve a home’s value and can add a significant improvement to a homeowner’s quality of life. Maryland has beautiful landscapes no matter what time of year it is, and spending time outdoors boosts one’s mood and health. The last thing you want is for your deck to be a source of danger. A deck in disrepair can lead to serious injuries. Don’t wait until a group of friends and family suffer from a deck collapse; if you notice your deck needs help, look out for several signs that indicate you need a deck replacement.

Foundational Damage

If you notice rot or termite damage on the beams that hold the deck up and off the ground, you will need to call for a deck replacement at once. Do not let anyone step on the deck if the foundation is compromised. Signs that the foundation is suffering include sagging boards, sinking footings, and detachment from the house.

Sagging or Wobbling

Perhaps the most obvious sign you need a deck replacement is if the boards are sagging, or worse, the platform wobbles when you step out onto it. Sagging indicates that the structure beneath those damaged boards is deteriorating.

Missing Metal Connectors

It can be difficult to tell if it’s time for a deck replacement, however. Not all signs are evident. One of these indicators that may go unnoticed is missing metal connectors. Where two pieces of wood go together in the deck’s construction, a metal part must fuse them in place. The deck may be rotting if you notice missing metal components or that nails and screws keep coming loose.

Widespread Damage

Even if the damage seems minor, a homeowner should be immediately cautious if it is widespread across the deck. Signs of rot include wood or even vinyl that is soft to the touch. Major staining is also a problem of something more serious. Another cause of widespread damage to decks is termites. If you notice they have invaded one part of your deck, it is possible that they have burrowed further into the wood where you cannot see their marks. 

The longer a homeowner waits on any of these issues, the worse the problem can get. United Fence & Deck has been providing excellent fence and deck services on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for decades and is here for your decking needs.

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