Split Rail Fence: What Are the Benefits?

Split Rail Fence: What Are the Benefits?

A split rail fence offers both beauty and functionality. Read more to discover its features.

Mid all the types of wood fencing from which one can choose, there is perhaps no style so simple as the split rail fence. This type of fence echoes the picturesque country road scenes with those natural wood fences lining the way to keep the cows and horses in the fields. Homeowners too can enjoy this type of fence and give the property a stunning look. Even so, what are all the benefits that come with a split-rail fence? Let’s find out.

Low Cost

Wood is a generally less expensive fencing material than others, such as aluminum, vinyl, steel, and iron. Even more so, material for a split rail fence is low on the budget. This, however, does not mean your fence’s quality is less than that of other fences. 

Low Maintenance

Treated wood fencing can last for twenty-five years, with minimal maintenance. Problems to look out for in wood fencing, however, include rot, termite damage, warping, and splitting. Certain woods like cedar are bug-resistant, and the coating applied to the wood seals it from the elements for years to come. If maintenance is necessary, replacing damaged parts is an easy fix.

Easy to Install

Split rail fencing is also easy to install. Its wooden fence posts can set firmly into any type of soil, whether sandy, clay-like, or rocky. Its railings are easy to attach, and you can add as many or as few rails as you wish. Two can be just as effective as four. 


Unfortunately, if you are looking for privacy or shade in your fencing, you will not find it in the picturesque split rail fence. However, if you are looking for protection, attaching wire mesh to one side of your fence through the easy process of stapling will solve your problem. If you wish to keep your kids and pets from running beyond the yard, the split rail fence with wire mesh lining will do the job. Make sure, though, that your pets cannot dig under or jump over the fence. 

This is also a good way to keep unwanted animals off your property. The wire will keep the rabbits and deer from coming in and nibbling on your best plants.

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