Spruce Up Your Residential Decks This Spring in Easton!

Spruce Up Your Residential Decks This Spring in Easton!

Spring is here, and it’s time to get your deck ready for the season with these simple steps.

At last, the spring season comes round once again! As the weather truly warms up for good, it’s time for Marylanders to enjoy the great outdoors once more. Perhaps the simplest way of doing so is stepping outside one’s front or back door, and taking in the sunshine and fresh air. Of course, people need a place to sit down. That’s where residential decks come in handy in the backyard. Get ready to enjoy your deck through these steps!

Spring Clean the Deck

First things first, you will want to clean off the deck so you’ll have a renewed platform to enjoy the weather. Blow or sweep off any remaining fall leaves, dirt, or pollen. If you have a vinyl or composite deck, cleaning it off with a powerwasher can do wonders. If you intend to wash it down with a cleaning agent, make sure to follow your deck manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid damaging your deck’s surface.

Necessary Repairs

Also check to see that your deck is structurally sound. If you see any signs of warping or rotting boards, replace as needed. Check for loose nails and loose railing. It is essential that the railing remains safe so that no one gets injured when leaning on it. Keep an eye on the posts and foundation as well; if you see rot, the whole deck may need replacing. Safety is your priority.

Think Purpose

Assuming you already own a deck, you probably have one that is suited to your needs. If not, spring is not a bad time to consider how to improve your outdoor space. How do you want to use it? Decks are fantastic for grilling, outdoor dining, entertaining, relaxing, gardening, and more. With the right budget, you can work with a custom deck builder to modify your deck with more square footage or an addition like a gazebo or pergola.


Lastly, it’s time to bring out the patio furniture and decorations from the fall. Don’t forget to wipe down these elements from last year’s debris, too. Make it as comfortable as you like and style it as only you can. Add a bird feeder, potted plants, or decorative pillows; the only thing left to do once all is prepared is to enjoy your deck.

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