Are Squirrels Chewing Your Wood Deck?

Are Squirrels Chewing Your Wood Deck?

Deter squirrels from your treated wood using several easy methods.

While it may not be the most common sight among wood deck owners, squirrels are one of the potential critters that may chew on a pressure-treated wood deck in Maryland. Grey squirrels proliferate in Maryland, and in some neighborhoods, it may seem there is one for every front lawn. Thankfully, there are various ways to keep those bushy-tailed creatures off your wood deck.

Squirrel Deterrents

Squirrel deterrents are one of the most common defenses against the ever-growing teeth of neighborhood squirrels. One can purchase a mix from a manufacturer that contains hot peppers or coat the edges of your deck with hot sauce directly. You can also put up a sheet metal guard around the edges. An alternative to hot sauce is soap. Squirrels may also know to back off if you set up a fake bird of prey or shine a light.

Squirrel Distractors

Since squirrels are looking for a way to grind their teeth, you may also opt to provide some healthy alternatives for them. If your yard is barren of trees, planting an oak tree or two can provide more than enough food for them to gnaw on. Keep bird feeders safe from their grasp or away from the deck. Scatter appropriate feed in other parts of the yard to encourage them to stay elsewhere.


If you want to preserve your wood deck, you have to show who is boss. Decks are there for you to enjoy, and spending time outside even for a few minutes is healthy for the body and soul. Enjoy your deck by spending more time on it, and let your cat or dog faithfully lounge on and guard it too. You and your pet’s presence on deck will deter wild creatures from coming near your backyard platform. Sometimes, all it takes is a menacing stance for your resident squirrels to know where they’re not wanted. If they are more adamant about getting what they want, it’s time to put up the guards mentioned above. 

Alternatives to Wood Decks

If a wood deck turns out to be more maintenance than you’d like to manage, alternatives like vinyl and composite decking are also available and require less upkeep. Squirrels are less likely to chew on these, especially if there are natural materials around that they can use instead. Both you and the wildlife can enjoy the outdoors in your respective spaces. 

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