Sunroom vs. Screened Porch

Sunroom vs. Screened Porch

Sunroom or screened porch? Check out the pros and cons of each.

Maryland is a state with excellent weather year-round. If anyone enjoys temperate seasons, and all four seasons, Maryland offers all. In addition to enjoyable weather, it also is home to thousands of native plants and trees. No matter where you are, you are likely to enjoy some form of nature that it offers. To take full advantage of what this geography has to offer, one should have a place at home designated for the purpose. One could have a deck or patio, for instance. However, this unfortunately is open to the bugs, rain, and summer heat. What about a sunroom or a screened porch? Here you have two excellent options.

What Is a Screened Porch?

A screened porch is an enclosure with screen windows. It is open to the fresh air and sounds of nature, but with basic protection from the sun, rain, and insects. One can include a ceiling fan in the design. It is not particularly insulated and does not connect to the central HVAC system. Therefore, one can only enjoy a screened porch when the weather is favorable. A screened porch can be an extension from the house, an addition to one side of the deck, or a deck, patio, or porch enclosure.

What Is a Sunroom?

A sunroom is a fully enclosed room with greater insulation and wide, glass windows. It is to be the sunniest room in the house, and can also be an extension or enclosure over a deck or patio. Although it does have full protection from the elements, it may or may not have complete insulation. Instead of central heating and cooling, it may need portable units or a mini-split unit. Families can enjoy sunrooms year-round and use it as an extended living space.

What Suits You Best?

Both sunrooms and screened-in porches are pleasant places, but one or the other might better suit your family. If taking in the fresh air and spending time outside is your goal, a screened porch may be ideal. Meanwhile, if you prefer more insulation but just as much sun, a sunroom might be better. Still, screened porches are more affordable than sunrooms, which could alter your decision. If you live on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, contact United Fence & Deck for more detailed information!

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