Tips for Choosing a Wood Fence Color

Tips for Choosing a Wood Fence Color

What’s the best way to choose a wood fence color? United Fence & Deck has answers.

Installing a new fence is an exciting process; in this day and age, change for the good is a welcome sight! This process involves multiple steps, from choosing the material to the design to figuring costs. If you’ve decided on a wood fence, you know you are getting a great bargain. However, what coloration will you go with? This choice is just as important as the other factors, with the potential to raise or lower your home’s appeal significantly. Below, we’ll give you some real advice that will help you choose the best wood fence color for your home.

Don’t Go with the Trends

Trends are only so helpful as to give you ideas on what might catch the modern eye. However, they do not tell you what will look good with your house. Just because black is a popular wood fence color does not mean you should paint your fence black. This point leads to the next tip.

Match the Fence with the House

The go-to way to choose a wood fence color is to match it with your house. Your property is like a work of art; even if you are not an artist, it will certainly pay to create a cohesive look throughout it. Every part of the property, from the border to the heart of the home, should all work together to create a harmonious look and feel.

Match the Fence through Details

How does one match the fence with the house practically? One can take from numerous cues. If you have wood floors in your home, especially on the ground floor, you can match the color accordingly. You could also stain the fence the same color as your house’s exterior trim or the shutters. Matching the fence with your wooden deck would also be a great idea. As a result, the yard will look unified and expensive.

Stain; Don’t Paint

Remember to avoid painting a fence; instead, it is much better to stain it. The type of stain you use will also affect how often you need to stain the fence again. A transparent one has the shortest lifespan, while a solid stain is the longest-lasting, with a span of about five years. Painting the fence will lead to rapid chipping, but staining will simply fade. Of course, you could always leave the fence untouched, in which case it will turn a weathered gray.

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