Tips on Finding a Fence Contractor

Tips on Finding a Fence Contractor

When searching for the right fence contractor, you will need to both research and ask certain questions.

When looking to install a new fence around your property, it can be difficult to know where to start. It is best to find a professional company to do the job for you, as much intensive labor and expertise are necessary to accomplish the installation. Here are several tips on finding the best fence contractor for you.


Before contacting any local fencing contractor you find online, scout the Internet for reviews, ratings, and results. The fencing business can be competitive, so you will want to get a feel for what is considered the best practices. Another great way to find a reputable fencing company is to ask the neighbors for references. What company did they go with? How much did it cost, if you may ask? How was the service? Besides these methods, you may also want to research what kind of fence you would ultimately like installed, from material to design to color

Get Multiple Proposals

Though it might take some time, getting three or more proposals from different companies is a safe way to go. Once you’ve decided on your top three fencing companies, contact them and ask them to come out and estimate the cost of the project (but not at the same exact time.) They will consider the grading, access to the job site, contact with your house or pre-existing fences, and what type of fence you would like. The fence contractor should send you a written proposal. 

A note on contacting the contractor: Two signs of a legitimate fencing company is that they have a professional introduction to their callers and have a legitimate address. The contractor should also not pressure you to make an immediate decision nor ask you to pay in cash.

Ask Questions

During the interview, you will have questions you want to ask besides the ones your fence contractor has for you. Will the contractor need to deal with any zoning laws? What materials does he recommend and why? What will the procedure be like for the project? How long will the project last/what is the timeline? What is the warranty on the finished product? These questions will help you cover the bases on what to expect. With a collection of proposals on quality and cost, you can then make your decision. 

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