Tips for Grilling on a Wood Deck

Tips for Grilling on a Wood Deck

Keep your wood deck safe by minding these grilling safety tips!

Summer is sadly no stranger to grill fires. One can steer clear of a grilling disaster by following the regular steps to safe summer grilling. On a wood deck, you will especially need to take care, as we all know that fire feeds on wood. Below are your complete tips for grilling on a wood deck.

Have a Fire Extinguisher

It’s always better to be prepared. Have a multi-purpose, portable fire extinguisher on the deck close by just in case a fire breaks out. You can also use baking powder to stop the flames. Never use water, as it only fuels grease fires. 

Use a Grill Mat

Look for a quality grill mat that extends several inches around your grill. A grill mat can help to reduce heat transfer into the wood deck and provide a safe place for ember and grease spills and sparks. Look for one that will be heavy enough to not get blown away.

Avoid Flammable Objects

Another key tip for grilling on a wood deck is to grill in a spacious area, avoiding flammable objects. Keep the grill apart from the house by at least several feet, under an open sky, and far enough from plants, furniture, etc. It is best to move the grill away from the wall before lighting it.

Avoid Windy Weather

If it’s windy outside, it’s better to keep the cooking indoors. Wind is strong enough to take one spark and drive it toward the house, the deck, or another flammable object. While a breeze is likely harmless, one definitely wants to avoid grilling amid strong gusts.

Be Prepared for Flare-ups

Flare-ups can happen, where food suddenly erupts into tall flames. If this ever happens, it is best to be able to immediately remove the food to a safe location. This can be as simple as moving it over from the hot side of the grill to the cold side, or to a flame-resistant counter.

Clean After Use

It may be easy enough to use the grill with absolutely no issue, and this is the case most of the time. However, many grill fires happen because owners failed to clean their grills. Cleaning after every use will not only save you from a grease fire, but it will also protect you from bacteria.

Extinguish the Flames

Make sure that the flames are completely out after grilling. Close the air vents after use and do not dispose of the ash until after 24 hours, after you are sure that no ember or spark remains.

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