How to Turn Your Deck into a Retreat

How to Turn Your Deck into a Retreat

Decks are for relaxing on! Here are some great ways to turn yours into a retreat!

A deck is often a place to entertain outdoors, but it is most often a place where one can relax and simply enjoy life. In an age of busy work lives, having a place to retreat in the beauty of nature is a great asset to have. If you are thinking of building or turning your deck into a retreat, check out these great suggestions.

Create a Nook

Your deck doesn’t have to have a corner to have a cozy feeling. Arranging a comfortable outdoor lounge set in a close-together fashion will create an area fit for intimate gatherings or a place to relax by oneself. If your deck has a corner or a nook, you could place a comfortable chair or two there as well.  

Capitalize on Views

Another way to turn your deck into a retreat is to build it so that it centers on your property’s best views. It could be a view of the backyard or a backyard focal point, or a distant landscape farther off. Just enjoying a view of nature can be enough to revitalize a person. All you need is a front-row seat. United Fence & Deck can help you with a deck build or renovation on the scenic Eastern Shore.

Create Shade

Even with the views and the seating, the hot sun or the rain can put a damper on the relaxation session. Adding shade via a screened porch, a gazebo, or a pergola will help provide that necessary shade along with a separate and private living area of the deck.

Add Lighting

Decks are for any season, and one doesn’t have to enjoy it only in the daytime. For evening use, add ambient deck lighting with a soft, warm glow. One can add lighting to the deck stairs, the deck railing posts, the edges of the platform, and to the deck posts themselves. Alternatively, one can use string lights. Proper deck lighting, however, will also improve deck safety.

Add Amenities

Lastly, one can add plenty of amenities that will complete the experience. You can easily turn your deck into a retreat by adding a food station, a hot tub, a stereo set, space heaters, a fire pit, aromatic plants, among other creature comforts. To get started on your deck retreat project, contact United Fence & Deck!

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