Types of Deck Railing Materials

Types of Deck Railing Materials

Deck railing materials are varied and plentiful. United Fence & Deck can help you make the best choice.

Having a deck is a superb way to enjoy your yard and add some wonderful outdoor living space to your home. Some decks sit low to the ground, little higher than a patio, but most decks are at least several feet off the ground. As such, they need railings for safety. When considering deck railing materials, you have a few good options. 


The first option is the most standard and always the most popular: wood. Wood is a great material for railings because it is fairly cheap and easy to come by. Many DIY’ers like wood because it is easy to work with and doesn’t require any super-specialized tools. The styles and options you can achieve with wood range from the very simple to the very ornate. Most wooden railings have posts, a top and bottom rail, and pickets. The downsides of wood are that it requires maintenance and may block your views more than most other materials. 


If blocking your view is a concern, glass may be the perfect solution. In this type of railing, a tempered glass panel is installed on an aluminum frame, replacing the pickets on a standard railing. Glass railings tend to be more expensive than most other options, especially since they absolutely must be installed by a professional.


Metal is a material that can stand alone as railings or be combined with wood for a beautiful look. At the very least, the balusters would be metal, and the railings and pickets could be either wood or metal. The most common metals are iron, steel, and powder-coated aluminum. While more expensive than just wood, metal railings are still fairly cost-effective, especially when you consider that they need little to no maintenance (so there’s no enormous expense later on). 


Cable is another deck railing alternative that can help preserve the view from your deck, which would otherwise be blocked by pickets. Unlike glass panels, cable also allows you to enjoy a breeze. Usually, the cables run horizontally with a wood or metal frame, achieving looks that can be either modern or traditional. The cabling can withstand almost any abuse and needs no maintenance, and the cost will be about the same as for glass. One thing to consider is that horizontal cables don’t deter climbing (and may even encourage it), so consider this if you have kids. 

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