Types of Privacy Fences

Types of Privacy Fences

United Fence & Deck can help you choose the best type of privacy fence for your home.

Many homeowners who want privacy and security opt to install a fence around their residential property. Occasionally, you may even find your dream home already has one since privacy fences offer the greatest benefits out of most fence styles and are very popular. Privacy fences can keep your home and family safe, protect your property, and secure your privacy. If you’re thinking of installing a privacy fence (or replacing an older fence with a new privacy fence), read on for the types and options you have to choose from.

Fence Styles

There are many different types of fence designs to choose from for your privacy fence. One of the most popular is the stockade fence, which features boards side-by-side with no gaps in between. More often than not, these boards have pointed pickets. Stockade style fences may also have a dog-eared design on the top, where the top is flat, but each corner is cut off or rounded. 

Another option that often uses the side-by-side design of the stockade fence is the convex fence. In this style, the top is cut in an undulating wave pattern. Occasionally, this fence type leaves gaps between the boards to allow airflow to move through. 

Board-on-board or shadowbox is another popular style that affixes boards to either side in an alternating pattern. The boards overlap slightly to block most of the view, but also have gaps that allow airflow through. 

Finally, if you’re looking for a more decorative option, consider lattice or picket fencing. While these will not totally obstruct views, they do offer some privacy. 

Fence Materials

Wood is a very traditional choice for privacy fences. It comes in many varieties and tends to be inexpensive. Wood does require upkeep and maintenance, however, so that should play a role in your decision. Vinyl is another popular choice, which requires almost no maintenance, and will not rot or suffer from insects. Vinyl is available in multiple colors, but it can’t be painted to match your home, a feature that wooden fencing allows. Finally, if you’re looking for a very unusual material, consider bamboo. Bamboo is better in warmer climates, and it is both an environmentally and budget-friendly choice. 

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