How to Use Your Sunroom This Fall

How to Use Your Sunroom This Fall

Think the weather will get too cold for you to enjoy your sunroom this fall? Think again.

Though the weather in Maryland is still quite humid and hot, already the leaves are turning their colors. School has started, and in a little time, the weather will take its turn and grow chilly. Are the days of enjoying your warm sunroom over for the year? This is not so. Here’s how you can use your sunroom this fall.


One of the easiest ways to add some comfort to your sunroom is to add some comfortable furnishings to the room. Wicker furniture, supplied with ample outdoor cushions and pillows, is a good place to start. Along with some blankets, your seating arrangement is set.


A second way to make your sunroom pleasant in the fall is to add heat. One can do this through installing heated flooring, or by bringing in a space heater. A sunroom could be hooked up with the HVAC system of the rest of the house, but this would in some ways defeat the purpose of having a sunroom. A sunroom is a way to enjoy the outdoors in an indoor environment.


Another idea is to add colors. Warm-colored cushions, throws, and autumn decorations can cheer up the space and make it feel much warmer and more welcoming by appearance. The way a room looks matters just as much as how one is able to enjoy it. Fall decorations and red, orange, and yellow accents can make all the difference as you welcome the season.


Because it is fall, there will naturally be less light coming into the sunroom as there might have been during the spring and summer. You may even wish to use the sunroom in the evening, but the standing fluorescent lamp just isn’t cutting it. Lanterns, faux candles, and real candles (supervised at all times) can help you create the ambiance you are going after and create another layer of warmth in the space.


Lastly, a great way to use your sunroom in the colder months is by enjoying it to the max. Your sunroom can be the setting for Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinners, and much more. Separate from the rest of the house, yet just as much a part of it, you can decorate it up as much as you want in any way you want. In the fall, your sunroom can be both a cozy getaway and the hub of festivities.

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