Is Vinyl Fencing Good for Dogs?

Is Vinyl Fencing Good for Dogs?

Is vinyl the right material for your dog fence? Here’s why it is a good option.

New dog owners must always keep their fencing in good condition or install a new fence that can keep their pets contained. Curiosity can get the best of most dogs. When it comes to materials, some choices may be better than others. While other factors will determine what fencing material is right for your household, one can say with certainty that vinyl fencing is good for dogs.

Allows for Privacy

Some owners will have chain-link, aluminum, or picket fencing that allows pet dogs to see through to the other side. While some dogs might appreciate watching the world go by, in most cases, this visibility will only prove to be a distraction. Unattainable rabbits, fellow canines, and passersby could lead your dog to bark up a storm. Visibility could prove useful if you have a guard dog, however. Whatever your choice, vinyl fencing allows for either privacy or visibility.


Vinyl as a fence material has developed over the years and proves to be a durable and long-lasting material. Made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic, it will not warp or rot like wood is likely to do. Because it is non-porous and holds its shape, your canine won’t be able to gnaw it to pieces and will likely give up shortly. If your puppy tries teething the fence, you won’t have to see teeth marks on it afterward.

Low Maintenance

As a dog owner, it helps to live in as low-maintenance an environment as possible. That’s why vinyl fencing is also practical; vinyl does not need regular painting or staining like wood does, or repairing as mentioned above. Low-maintenance fences make life easier.


One wood fence tip that helps preserve longevity is to keep plants away from its surface, as the foliage will trap moisture and encourage rot. Not so with vinyl fences! While it won’t hurt to keep your shrubs trimmed away from a vinyl fence for ventilation purposes, it also won’t hurt your fence to plant shrubs along its edge. Planting shrubbery along a fence’s interior edge is a tactic for keeping dogs within bounds.

In Summary

Vinyl fencing is good for dogs in that it offers privacy and is durable, low-maintenance, and plant-friendly. Fencing is always a good idea to keep your pet penned, but the best way to ensure it doesn’t escape is to give it lots of playtime and attention. With your engagement, your dog will not want to leave. 

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