Ways to Outfit Your Deck

Ways to Outfit Your Deck

Is your backyard deck bland and empty? Here are some ways to spruce it up!

The signs of autumn are coming around in Maryland’s early September. The acorns are falling, the leaves are turning color, and the weather is starting to get a little cooler. Hot and humid summers are not always ideal for spending time outdoors, but the milder fall and spring seasons are prime opportunities to take advantage of the fresh air. What better way to do that than from home? If you have a backyard deck, here are several ways to outfit your deck into an irresistible living space.

Add Privacy

Throwing a party of friends and family together can be less appealing when the whole neighborhood can see and hear it from their backyards. Thankfully, there are plentiful ways to create privacy. A privacy screen, curtains, vertical gardens, and tall plants are a few options, which all give much room for creative freedom.

Add Shade

While the sides of your deck may need covering, you will also need to consider the top. Shade is essential for enjoying extensive time on deck. You can outfit your deck with anything as small as a deck umbrella to a larger feature like an awning, pergola, or screened porch.

Add a Feature

Along with the need for shade comes the structures as mentioned above. For a more permanent structure, you may consider adding a gazebo, pergola, pagoda, or screened porch to one end of the deck. Any of these features create an ideal spot for relaxing, dining, and entertaining in comfort and style.

Other features one can add include a fire pit, grilling station, and deck garden. One must be especially cautious when having a fire or cooking on a deck, whether it is wood, composite, or vinyl. Your deck’s focal point will ultimately depend on how you want to use it.

Deck Lighting

Another way to outfit your deck is to install deck lighting, which is both practical and beautiful. While the days grow shorter, you can still enjoy your deck long into the evening with appropriate lighting fixtures. Without them, it may be more difficult to navigate the area and be less safe, especially on the stairs.

Plants, Etc.

With all the features and fixtures in place, you can finally start to think about style. Let your creativity go wild with all you can do with color scheme, theme, pillows and cushions, decorative plants, and furnishings.

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