Ways to Winterize a Screened Porch

Ways to Winterize a Screened Porch

Get your screened porch ready for some cozy, winter gatherings!

The winter is nigh, as leaves depart from the trees, the geese fly south, and temperatures drop. Before we reach the freezing point, it’s best to take care of the last of this year’s outdoor chores and renovations and prepare to huddle indoors. If you have a screened porch, you can still enjoy this indoor-outdoor space by winterizing it.

Clean Thoroughly

Before switches for the seasons, clean your screened porch thoroughly. With the openings from the mesh windows, dirt may come through freely without your realizing it. Remove all furnishings from the room before you sweep and mop the floors and wipe the windows. Once everything is clean and dry, you’re ready for the next step.

Cover the Screens

One can purchase thick vinyl or plastic sheeting and create covers for the windows to insulate the room. Besides the sheeting, all you need is accurate measurements of all the windows, scissors, and velcro tape. Before cutting:

  1. Add a few inches to the height and width of the measurements to provide overlap.
  2. Attach the velcro tape to the window trim and sheets, and put them up for the season.
  3. Label each sheet so that you can designate each one to the right window every year.

Add Thick Curtains

The point of a screened porch is to have lots of sunlight and fresh air while shielded from the heat, bugs, and other harsh elements. Still, adding thick curtains over the windows in the winter can help give extra insulation.

Add a Heat Source

Because screened porches don’t have access to the home’s heating and cooling systems, one will need to add a separate heat source. It can be as fancy or as practical as one wishes. For example, one can install a fireplace, add a portable fireplace, or have a space heater. Remember to give space heaters ample room lest they cause a fire.

Add Accessories

Once all the necessary features are set, it’s time to add some comfortable furnishings. It doesn’t hurt to stock up on a few extra pillows and blankets, place down a thick rug, and bring in some hot chocolate!

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