Why Seal Your Deck?

Why Seal Your Deck?

Is sealing the deck really needed? Here is why it can benefit in the long-run.

With a new wood deck in place, it may seem like it can last forever. A little wear and tear over the years might be all it suffers. Wood decks consist of rot-resistant materials like pressure-treated pine or naturally-durable cedar, so maintenance may not be so necessary. On the contrary, routine maintenance will keep your deck in shape far longer than not. Here is why you should seal your deck.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

Maryland has a high humidity level, especially in the summer. The state also has its fair share of heavy rains most of the year. When heat and water combine, mold and mildew are likely to follow. Fungus helps nature compost its dead matter faster, but it’s trouble when the spores begin eating your deck, which could lead to deck instability. When you seal your deck every 3-5 years, you will keep this from happening.

Protect against UV Light

A sealant can come in stains that range from clear to translucent to solid. The more solid your sealant color is, the less likely it will deteriorate under the sun’s powerful rays. When wood sits under the sun, UV light withers the wood’s outermost layer and turns it gray. It is similar to how one gets a tan, or how silver oxidizes over time.

Prevent Termites and Rot

To seal the deck also prevents termites and other threats from getting at the wood. There are different types of rot, like dry rot, water damage, and galvanic rot. If the damage applies only to the deck boards, replacement is fairly straightforward. If it has affected the frame, however, you should keep off of it and have a professional inspect it.

Make Your Deck Look Great

As you can see, sealing the deck is a protective measure against potential threats to the structure. Mold, insects, and other causes could spring up any year, and putting the project off could leave you with a safety hazard. Even so, a sealed deck is bound to make one smile when all the rough spots are smoothed and the natural, warm color of the wood has returned.

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