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Decks are a fantastic addition to just about any home, offering outdoor living space where you can host, gather, relax, and enjoy your home.

Decks are a fantastic addition to just about any home, offering outdoor living space where you can host, gather, relax, and enjoy your home. During the winter, your deck likely sees much less use than any other time of year. Unless it’s a mild Maryland winter day, it may not get any use at all. However, don’t ignore your deck altogether! Just like your other wood landscaping features, like your wood fence, your deck needs to be properly cared for to survive the winter. Follow these winter care tips to keep your deck beautiful, safe, and ready for the next season.

Put Stuff Away

Step number one to winterizing your deck is to clear off all the stuff. Clean up and put away your furniture since you’re likely not going to use it during the winter. If there is no place to put the furniture away or it is too big to move, invest in covers to keep it safe during the winter. Bring any potted plants and decorative planters inside as well. Ideally, you should bring these in before the first frost so that the cold weather doesn’t kill them, but if you haven’t yet, you can still bring them in and hope for the best.

Clean Your Deck

Thoroughly clean your deck and if you haven’t sealed it in a year (or longer), take the time to do so now. It would help if you sealed it before winter precipitation, and freezing temperatures make it impossible to do so. Start by sweeping off the debris, then give the surface a good scrub, and once it is dry, gently sand it and apply your finish of choice. 

Clear Snow Carefully

Once the winter precipitation does start, make sure you’re clearing snow as carefully as you can. We recommend not using a metal shovel, as it could severely damage your deck. A heavy-duty plastic snow shovel should handle any snowfall, and it won’t scratch or gouge the deck surface. It would be best if you also did not use salt to de-ice your deck, as it can cause pitting and dry out the wood. Instead, use a salt-free deicer. 

Watch For Moisture

Extra moisture sitting on and seeping into the wood of your deck will be the biggest problem during the winter. While the snow isn’t an issue, once it starts to melt, it becomes one. Make sure that water, slush, and ice aren’t allowed to linger on your deck too long. 

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