Winter Care for Wood Fences

Winter Care for Wood Fences

Get your wood fence ready for the winter season with these tips!

While the snows have already fallen in the northeastern United States, they have not yet come to Maryland. Maryland usually gets a couple of inches of snow per year, albeit the relatively heavy 3-4 feet once every few years. Wood fences are particularly susceptible to this season, as the harsh elements can do it damage. Check out the following guide on winter care for wood fences.


The first step to caring for wood fences is to clean them. One can simply use water, or make a solution from white vinegar or Borax or a store-bought detergent mixed with water. You can either scrub the solution onto the fence with a stiff-bristled brush, or simply use a pressure washer to strip off the grime. Be sure to monitor the pressure so it won’t damage the wood if you go this route.


Once the fence is totally dry, it’s time to apply a waterproof sealant. To find sealant, just look for a wood fence stain; fence stains can contain sealants in them. This application will not only color your fence beautifully with a solid, clear, or opaque pigment, but it will also act as a protective layer against water and ice. The more solid the stain, the more protection from UV rays it gets as well.

Remove Debris

The winter can bring harsh, bitter winds and heavy snow. Before the elements hail down on your property, remove debris such as old autumn leaves from the base of your fence to prevent damage from moisture or insects. Next, trim back any foliage brushing against your fence or tree limbs hanging over it. If a major tree bough in healthy shape is stretching over the fence, don’t worry about it. However, you’ll want to prevent limbs from falling on your fence after a storm.

Check for Shifting Soil

Soil may shift in the winter due to the freezing and thawing of the moisture within it. This contraction and relaxation can be powerful enough to shift your fence’s concrete foundation, causing the fence to lean or break. While a proper installation may be the best one can do to prevent damage, it’s best to check the structure routinely in case you see something amiss. Should anything happen to your fence this winter on the Eastern Shore, United Fence & Deck is here to help!

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