Wood Fencing for St. Michaels, MD

Wood Fencing for St. Michaels, MD

If you live in St. Michaels, MD, United Fence & Deck can install for you the fence of your dreams.

If you live in the historic and picturesque St. Michaels, MD, you may consider adding a fence to your property. Fencing, in general, has a plethora of benefits, but wooden fencing may be just the right fit for you. United Fence & Deck has been installing wood fencing and other outdoor living structures since 1939 and is happy to serve you in St. Michaels, MD.

Benefits of Wood Fences

Wood fencing can serve several purposes. Practical benefits include privacy and protection. The right fence can shield your backyard oasis from outsiders and onlookers, keep intruders out, and keep pets and children in bounds. A wood fence can even block sound from coming in or going out from your backyard. 

Besides these reasons, wood fencing can increase your property value and enhance your curb appeal. Added protection around a house is a plus for homebuyers. A beautifully-designed, wooden fence can grace your property in a way that will make passersby stop and admire. If there is one kind of fencing that charms a property like no other, it’s a wood one.

Types of Wood

With wood fencing, one can choose from various types of wood, which have different pros and cons. Southern yellow pine is the typical species used in treated wood, which is the least expensive option and does well to deter insects, warping, and rot. However, cedar and cypress are woods that naturally deter insects and are rot-resistant due to the oils within them. Redwood is another good option, although it is perhaps the most expensive. Whatever type of wood you choose, you will need to maintain your fence throughout the years with touch-ups and sealant. It is best to maintain the fence once a year.

Types of Fence Designs

Meanwhile, United Fence & Deck provides a flexible range of fence designs from which to choose. Picket fences are familiar and classic, providing the right amount of security and beauty for your property. Split-rail fences are also useful borders, often seen in more rural landscapes. United also offers estate and paddock fences, which are helpful for families with young children and pets to keep them in the backyard. Lastly, St. Michael’s can benefit from United’s stockade and board-on-board fences, which are ideal choices for privacy. 

Contact United Fence and Deck Now!

If you’re ready to see just how great a fence can make your home look, you can rely on United Fence & Deck to meet them. We’ve got a reputation as a family-owned business for providing great service and prices throughout the Eastern Shore. We proudly provide our fence and deck services to Easton, St. Michaels, Cambridge, Talbot County, Dorchester County, and Queen Anne’s County. Contact us online or give us a call at (410) 476-7073 for more information. For updates about our company, follow us on Facebook and Pinterest.

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