United Fence and Deck is proud to offer numerous options when it comes to building the best quality deck for your home. We work with you to design the custom style  that suits your needs, and offer consulting throughout the entire project to ensure your complete satisfaction.

At United Fence and Deck, we know that adding a beautiful custom deck to your home not only increases its value, but also gives you and your family years of enjoyment and entertaining options. While we offer many options in materials, wood decking is still one of the most popular types today, primarily because of its traditional beauty and longevity. Some of our options at United Fence and Deck include Pressure Treated (PT) pine decking and red cedar decking, along many others. If the regular maintenance that a solid, traditional wood deck requires isn’t something that you’re looking for, we also offer many standard low-maintenance decking options.

Among the most popular wood materials that we work with at United Fence and Decking are Cedar and Pressure-Treated (PT). When it comes to traditional, solid wood decking, Cedar and Redwood are largely considered the standard for both beauty and long-lasting quality. Both are known for their rich color and natural beauty, and for containing natural oils that make them naturally resistant to rot, decay and destructive insects. There are also many benefits to having a custom wood deck build for your home. Aside from being the most popular and elegant of materials, traditional wood is still among the most cost-efficient options for your decking needs. When properly treated and maintained, a solid wood deck can also be incredibly long-lasting. Wood decks are also the most-easily customizable construction material, as different colors and paints can always be applied to suit your changing personal needs and preferences.

Custom Wooden Deck with StairsIf you’d like to complete your outdoor area’s landscape designs with a matching fence or shed, United Fence and Deck provides all the designs and construction options to make the project truly complete to your vision. Proudly serving the communities of Easton, Cambridge, Mt. Michaels, Oxford and surrounding areas, United Fence and Deck is there to consult and provide the outdoor designs that you’ve been envisioning. Call 410-476-7073 today and let us know how we can make those dreams a reality, or contact us at unitedfenceanddeck@gmail.com.  Let us know how we can make your project come to life!