Since 1939, United Fence and Deck has provided families throughout Maryland with the both the quality services  and construction to make their outdoor landscapes reach the true potential of its natural beauty. Aside from our satisfaction-guaranteed decking designs and construction, our family-owned and operated business specializes in completing your landscape with a custom-made, quality fence. As with our many decking options, our fences come in various constructions and designs.

Much like the addition of a solid, wood deck, constructing a matching wood fence to your landscape can transform your outdoor living space and enhance the style of your home. At United Fence and Deck, we know that when it comes to your home, there is nothing more important than protecting your property and your family. Wooden fences can not only provide your property with a traditional taste of natural elegance, but also the protection your family deserves. There are wood fence designs and styles to match every personal vision, and United Fence and Deck proud guarantees their services for all the many options.

Picket Fence

Picket fences are the most traditional and American of styles, and their classic design makes them timeless and popular for almost any home. Aside from being visually appealing, a picket fences also provide the needed privacy and security that you’d expect from a fence.

Split Rail

Another classic design, a split rail option has two to three horizontal rails balanced between two posts. Depending upon the size of your property, the costs of labor and materials can add up, but United Fence and Deck always guarantees the most cost-efficient options for your project. These rails can be installed in as little as two pieces or as many as five depending on your budget.

Estate and Paddock Fences

Like the split rail design, these fences will give your home the elegance it deserves. Estate and paddock fences can be fit into almost every budget and are ideal for families with pets and small children. They are three to five horizontal boards set between two posts.

Stockade and Board-on-Board Fences

If you’re looking for that little extra bit of security and privacy, you may want to consider installing a stockade fence. This design is constructed by placing boards tightly together to create a tight panel. They are generally six feet tall and are the typical privacy fence. Board-on-board fences are built for extra privacy as well as some creative touches to your landscape. The boards overlap to create a pattern and give the fence a unique look, which is also ideal for entertaining.

Proudly serving the communities of Easton, Cambridge, Mt. Michaels, Oxford and surrounding areas, United Fence and Deck is there to consult and provide the outdoor designs that you’ve been envisioning. Call 410-476-7073 today and let us know how we can make those dreams a reality, or contact us at unitedfenceanddeck@gmail.com.  Let us know how we can make your project come to life!